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SAP Planning

See below for some topics we helped our customers with:

How to get your S&OP-process more customer centric?

Sales and operations planning has evolved into a major business process to manage the balance and trade-off between supply and demand. It offers many value creation opportunities as it is the starting process for your planning. InfinITy helps to map your core processes into a well-defined S&OP-process in which you can serve your customer’s needs.

IBP; what is it and how does it fit into my roadmap?

As of 2027 SAP will not support APO anymore. The new planning flagship is called IBP (Integrated Business Planning).

We can guide you in leveraging the benefits of using IBP, but also will tell you about the pitfalls after we analyzed your planning process.

PPDS is difficult and our users don’t understand what the system is planning.

APO/S4H PPDS is most probably the most complex module within the SAP Planning landscape. Especially for this reason we as InfinITy try to simplify your process mapping into the system.

Think big, but start small and make sure users understand what they are planning.

Do you want to boost PA (Product Availability)?

InfinITy can help you in gaining more insights in your PA performance and possible opportunities. You might be distributing the right products but to the wrong customers or vice versa. We can help you in finding the proper balance in your distribution and confirmation strategy. With our proven track records for multiple customers in e.g. Medical, Technical, Chemical we showed that with the proper knowhow and mindset, improving PA performance is not an ‘If’ but a ‘How’.

How do I accelerate OTIF?

OTIF (On Time In Fulll) measures whether your company delivered your commitment to your customer. It gives you organizational insights and measures overall performance. InfinITy can help to map your business processes into KPI’s that make sense and make you help increasing OTIF.

How can I incorporate customer segmentation or service levels into my order commitment strategy?

In case of shortages in the supply chain you want to prioritize your most important customers. How can this be done without manual interventions?

We are specialized in designing commitment strategies that support differentiation based on value proposition.


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