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SAP Execution

See below for some topics we helped our customers with:

Extended Warehouse Management, what does it mean? Will it add value to my operational processes?

The word EXTENDED says it all. The flexibility offered by this WMS system has no limits to streamline all of your warehouse processes. Making use of layout or process oriented storage allows you to design every single step in your operations from simple to complex. The complete integration of your resources together with clearly defined reporting models provides you the planned resource capacity information you are looking for. Storing products in different Unit of Measures improves your operational efficiency during picking or put away. And so much more to talk about… Are you interested in the unlimited possibilities of EWM? You are at the right address and we like to guide you to connect efficiently!

Different integration options to connect to your WMS system?

Connecting your SAP ECC system to EWM offers multiple possibilities. Next to the already known technical integration, we are also able to seamless integrate your SAP system via standard Idocs. The big advantage is that you can connect with a standard set of interfaces to different 3rd Party Logistic Providers running any WMS system. We guide you to connect efficiently.

Value Added Services?

Within an increased demanding market, value added services are common practice in a day-to-day business. Customers feel special and have specific wishes. Does this mean you should add country specific labels or even to combine products in the same packages to the customer? InfinITy helps you to define a template of Value Added Services that guides you to connect efficiently through your processes and systems.

Automating my warehouse processes, how can I manage?

How can my warehouse handle more products in a shorter period of time with less people involved? Good question! Have you ever considered the physical automation of your warehouse processes with the use of an automated racking system? Or you can make use of Automated Guided Vehicles that will move products within your warehouse without interference of an operator. Are you ready for the next step of automating you warehouse? Let’s make an appointment so we can guide you to connect efficiently in your future automated WMS system.

How can I manage my resources?

Employees are your most valuable assets. EWM allows you to manage your employees effectively by providing you with detailed monitoring and reporting integrations. Using these tools will allow you to utilize their skills and strengths to the fullest. Interested? Give us a call to discuss the possibilities in connecting your resources efficiently.


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