Improve your planning and optimise processes in your Warehouse by using SAP Warehouse Management (WM)

With Warehouse Management you automate processes in the warehouse and distribution such as inbound- and outbound processes, storage, stock management and distribution. Where people working in Operations can spend their time on optimising resources and assets, support on-demand and planned cross-docking and manage employees. With SAP WM you increase control on the warehouse operations so orders can be processed in an optimal environment.

What SAP Warehouse Management offers:

Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Deliver orders to perfection. With EWM you have fully automated warehouse and distribution operations including signing, cross-docking, outbound processing, warehouse and storage management and physical stock management. The options in Extended Warehouse Management enable you to use your assets better, improve flow and safety and increase the on-time deliveries and accuracy of your order fulfilment.

Dock Appointment Scheduling

Simpler and more accurate dock door planning and appointment scheduling. SAP WM integrates appointment scheduling, supervision and collaboration in 1 platform. You obtain real-time overview of docking appointments, arrivals and departures and available resources. Also, next to managing processes, communication among the different parties is improved, the number of operational issues decreases and options are offered to measure performance.

Goods Receipts & Goods issue (ERP)

More streamlined inbound logistical processes, integrated outbound operations and balance in production and demand, SAP ensures better inbound logistical processes by aligning flow of materials and offering transparency across all outbound logistic operations. This optimises inbound processes, minimises delivery errors and lowers operational costs.

Mobile Inventory Management

Optimise warehouse productivity with mobile inventory management. The mobile solution offers an accurate and paperless option to track supplies across the entire organisation.

InfinITy and SAP WM

The consultants at InfinITy have many years of experience in configuration of warehouse processes at different customers. Would you like to optimise your warehouse and lower operational costs? Then contact us today.