Improve margins, increase sales and boost customer satisfaction with SAP Order to Cash

Order to Cash (OTC) is the company process from client order to payment of the services or goods. The process of OTC is a very important process in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and involves business-to-business (B2B) as well as business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.


The process starts when a customer asks for an article or service through a specific sales channel, such as internet, personal sale or otherwise. The customer receives an offer for the article and places an order for the required amount. A member of staff places the order in the system and passes it on for processing. The article is picked from the warehouse and sent to the customer. In case of a service, the service is provided. The invoicing process starts from the moment of delivery. The invoice can be sent with the article or sent afterwards. The customer pays the invoice and the payment is input for the general ledger.

Order-to-Cash solution

In general, a variety of departments is involved in the Order-to-Cash process, such as order entry, accounts payable, accounts receivable and logistics. They often use their own systems and data and need to perform a number of manual actions. This can lead to errors and delay in the process, resulting in unhappy customers.

Using SAP Order to Cash you can automate and speed up the entire order-to-cash process from receiving orders to sending of the invoice. You can improve margins, increase sales and boost customer satisfaction.

SAP Order to Cash

By using Order to Cash in SAP ERP:

  • You manage the full client order cycle, including all after sales activities.
  • You decrease the amount of time spent on administration, checking orders and sorting out late deliveries.
  • You drive sales by making customer engagement possible through all channels.

Product overview SAP Order to Cash

SAP Order to Cash has a number of products. The most important are:

  • Order and Contract Management
    Get real-time accurate and multi-channel information on pricing, products and customers so you can reach your sales targets and KPI’s on delivery.
  • Stock Management and Warehouse Management
    Improve operational efficiency by managing the flow of goods and warehouse activities, from inbound activities to order fulfilment and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Accounts Receivable
    Streamline and automate invoicing processes, from credit checks to receivables management.

InfinITy and SAP Order to Cash

The consultants from InfinITy have many years of experience in configuring Order-to-Cash processes at several customers. Would you like to improve margins, increase sales and boost customer satisfaction? Then contact us today.