Bring supply and demand into balance across your entire global supply chain with SAP APO.

SAP APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization) is an SAP application in the heart of your Supply Chain Management (SCM). SAP APO offers a fully integrated set of functionalities for the planning and execution of your supply chain processes. Using SAP APO you can reach the following business benefits:

  • Business cooperation on strategic, tactical and operation level of planning
  • Collaboration between partners during all phases of the supply chain process, from order acceptance to stock management to final delivery of the product.
  • Making use of customer- and business partnerships
  • Continuous improvement and evaluation of the efficiency of the supply chain network

SAP APO has four modules: Demand Planning (DP), Supply Network Planning (SNP), Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) and Global available-to-promise (gATP).

Demand Planning (DP)

The Demand Planning module in SAP APO has an extensive forecasting set of tools that offers immediate insight into demand from the market. The planning books offer many options for configuration and macros can be created. With Demand Planning you optimise the planning of the life cycle, promotional activities and joint demand.

Supply Network Planning (SNP)

Supply Network Planning integrates purchasing, production, distribution and transport. The SNP module in SAP APO has product flow planning across the entire supply chain and takes into account any limitations and sanctions. It is possible to plan at different levels of detail including aggregated planning. The module provides advanced options for safety stock planning.

Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)

PP/DS offers multi-level production planning and Capable-To-Promise (CTP), taking into account not just availability, but also capacity. Furthermore, the module supports functionalities for lot quantity calculations and sourcing, make-to-stock, make-to-order (using BOM), engineer-to-order, project manufacturing and flow manufacturing.

Global Available-To-Promise (gATP)

The gATP module in SAP APO is seamlessly integrated with other SAP applications and components and can be used multi-level. From a defined scope, global availability checks can be done. The modules offers options for adjustments by amongst others strategies for substitutions and integration with PP/DS.

Supply Chain Cockpit (SCC)

An important part of SAP APO is the Supply Chain Cockpit. This offers users a graphical dashboard for managing and controlling the supply chain. The SCC can be configured to meet your needs and can be used by several functions in the company.

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