Case: Medtronic


InfinITy implements and integrates new Warehouse processes in the existing landscape in worlds’ largest enterprise in medical technology

To be able to work more efficiently, faster and more reliable in the warehouse and to prepare for growth of the company, one of the largest enterprises in medical technology wanted to integrate new processes in the existing system landscape.

The project took place at the European distribution centre in Heerlen.

The project

In the warehouse several activities were still being done manually, such as choosing the best packaging material. Also many processes were not efficient (single order picking) creating a lot of wasted time and avoidable operational costs. InfinITy has defined a new template in the existing system landscape based on four topics. This template has been configured in such a way that processes can be easily copied to other locations. The biggest challenge in the project was the integration of the new processes in the existing system landscape and not disturbing a fully operational distribution centre.


Goal of the project was to prepare the warehouse for the future growth of the company and to decrease operational costs. Also, there was a need for more efficient work processes and to decrease risks from manual errors.

The role of InfinITy

During the project, which had a duration of 9 months, InfinITy had a leading role in business process knowledge and SAP with a team consisting of 8 business analysts, 6 SAP-consultants and 6 SAP-developers.

Being one of the preferred suppliers, InfinITy was sees as a trustworthy partner in SAP Consultancy. InfinITy defined a new template and integrated and implemented this in the operational SAP system. The new process uses the following systems: SAP ECC 6.0, WebMethods and Ortec.


InfinITy was co-responsible for a successful project where productivity has been increased and the entire warehouse process works more efficiently. Packaging are chosen better, there is less wasted space in transport and all pick/pack processes run faster.

Improved warehouse layout

The warehouse layout is based on business unit-zones and the fast/slow mover storage has been configured following put away logic. This decreases the travel distances during order picking and put away.

Box on Demand

Deliveries and transport details, including business rules are sent to Ortec software. This calculates the optimal packaging and controls the software (Box on demand) by an interface, thus selecting/fabricating the right box for the products on the pick list. This maximises the use of transport volumes and lowers transport costs.

Multiple Order picking in the box

Different packaging items with smaller picking requirements are grouped in a trolley. The products are picked with an RF gun and put into the correct packaging immediately. This has the result:

  • Of minimising double work
  • Of decreasing travel distances
  • Of shorter conveyor belts

Centralized documentation handling

During the box closing process the documents for the client are triggered. At the central semi-automatic document station the majority of documents are printed automatically and fixed to the package. This ensures:

  • Reduction of human error
  • Reduction of involved time
  • results-mdt